Nuna Mixx is a perfect recommendation for most parents who want a luxurious yet affordable stroller. I don’t mean that there are no other reputable brands out there. But I feel that this series ticks pretty much all the boxes for a stroller designed for city hassles, as well as some rough treatments.

In today’s review, I’ll be taking you through the changes that Nuna Mixx has received over the last few years. I’ll also highlight some of the key features that have remained untouched. But above all else, I hope that this comparison of Nuna Mixx 2018, Mixx 2019, and Mixx Next 2020 strollers will help you determine the perfect stroller for you and your baby.

Before that, though, here is a short history of this iconic stroller!

The very first Nuna Mixx edition was announced in 2014 at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas and released late summer the same year. As soon as it was released, this high-end and elegant stroller became an instant hit thanks to its slim profile and an array of entirely new ideas.

However, as good as it seemed at first, the market felt that it needed a slight makeover, especially on its air-filled wheels, frame, and fabrics. These were some of the significant upgrades that the second generation- 2017/2018 Nuna Mixx2- brought.

For 2019, Nuna unveiled an updated version of this stroller that they named Nuna Mixx 2019. Despite its retro name, this model brought with it an incredible pack of upgrades.

Even before we got used to the Nuna Mixx 2019, this manufacturer recently announced the release of an upgraded version that has been dubbed Nuna Mixx Next for 2020. I speculate this model will be the crème de la crème of Nuna strollers. However, it won’t be available until around summer this year- 2020.

Since the first generation of Nuna Mixx is no longer available, I will review and compare the 3 editions that are currently available: Nuna Mixx2 2017/2018, Nuna Mixx 2019, and Nuna Mixx Next 2020.

Nuna MIXX2 2017/2018 in Caviar color
Nuna MIXX2 2017/2018 in Caviar color



For Nuna Mixx2 2017/2018, the seat is incredibly deep and has good cushy padding that makes it quite comfortable. The seat’s fabric is made of a blend of cotton and mélange- a combination that makes it both plush and fairly breathable. The best part is that this fabric is easily removable for machine-washing.

The Nuna Mixx 2019 rolled out with a new seat called the “all-season seat” as it’s particularly more breathable. This seat now uses a removable bamboo insert that gives it excellent air-wicking capabilities. Once you detach the insert, it reveals the mesh backrest – perfect for summer weather.

This all-season seat was a success in 2019. That being said, this manufacturer says that the Nuna Mixx Next 2020 will use it too.

While we are still at it, the Nuna Mixx2 2017/2018 has a rethread system that requires some effort and practice to deal with. On the other hand, Nuna Mixx 2019 and Mixx Next 2020 uses a no-rethread system, which is much easier to adjust.

Infant car seat compatibility

While all of these strollers can be converted into a travel system, the most significant difference is car seat compatibility.

The Nuna Mixx2 2017/2018 ships with a pair of adapters that allows you to use car seats from Nuna Pipa series as well as Cybex and Maxi Cosi.

On the other hand, Nuna Mixx 2019 and Mixx Next 2020 uses a special ring adapter that holds the seat much more securely. The catch, however, is that this ring adapter is only compatible with Nuna Pipa series car seats.


Each of these 3 Nuna Mixx strollers scores a lot of marks with their large, breathable canopies with mesh windows on both sides. They also have a peek-a-boo window with magnetic closure.

Now, although the Nuna Mixx2 2017/2018 has a larger peek-a-boo window, the Mixx 2019 makes up for that with an additional mesh vent. This further makes it more suitable for hot summers.

Nuna MIXX 2019
Nuna MIXX 2019 in new Birch color

Suspension and maneuverability

Excellent maneuverability is one of the key reasons why I’d choose a Nuna Mixx over and over again. Both the Nuna Mixx2 and Mixx 2019 roll easily and can actually be pushed using one hand. The same is expected of the Nuna Mixx Next 2020.

Importantly, Nuna assured the market that the 2020 edition will feature an upgraded suspension system. Needless to mention, this model is expected to handle bumps and absorb shocks much better.


All the 3 Nuna Mixx strollers have a telescoping handlebar that extends from 38’’ to 42’’. If you are a regular visitor to my website, you probably know that I’m a great fan of this type of handlebar.

A common feature here is the luxurious look and feel that emanate from the synthetic leather, hand-sewn fabric on the handlebar.

The only minor difference here is that while the handlebar of the Mixx2 is black, that of the Nuna Mixx 2019 is available in brown too.

Storage space

All the 3 Nuna Mixx strollers use pretty much the same, HUGE basket capable of holding most of your stroll essentials. 

A notable difference between the Nuna Mixx2 2017/2018 and Nuna Mixx 2019 is that the former has an additional storage pocket located on the back of the seat. Unfortunately, Nuna Mixx 2019 had to sacrifice this extra storage for its mesh seatback.

I’m not exactly sure whether the Mixx Next 2020 will have this additional storage, but I really wish that it will.

Weight and Folding

Considering their full-size design, it’s not a wonder that the Nuna Mixx strollers are relatively heavier than most lightweight travel strollers. They aren’t the most compact when folded either. But their size is typical of a standard full-size stroller.

The good news is that the Nuna Mixx Next 2020 will have a significantly compact fold compared to its predecessors. If this is one of your biggest concerns, you might want to wait for the newer model.

Let’s switch gear to features and functionalities that have remained the same for Nuna Mixx2 2017/2018, Nuna Mixx 2019, and Nuna Mixx Next 2020.



These strollers use a telescopic handlebar with 3 height adjustment positions. The stroller extends from 38’’ to 42’’.


Another feature that I really love about these strollers, they all use a single-action brake that locks the rear wheels. The brake is operated using a color-coded pedal that is friendly to pretty much all types of shoes from high heels to flip flops.


The Nuna Mixx2, Mixx 2019, and Mixx Next 2020 uses similar wheels. The front wheels are made of plastic and are 7.5’’ in diameter. The rear wheels are foam-filled and measure 11’’. These non-air wheels basically mean that you’ll never need to worry about any of the tires going flat on you.

However, if you need an all-terrain stroller, it would be better to go for something with pumped tires like Bumbleride Indie.

Seat and bassinet compatibility

All of these strollers use a standard seat with a manufacturer-recommended weight limit of 50 lbs. What I like about these seats is their 5-recline positions, including a flat position that makes them newborn-ready. Each of these seats also has a fully-adjustable calf rest, which older kids love for quick naps.

The Nuna Mixx2 and Mixx 2019 and Mixx Next 2020 are compatible with the Mixx series bassinet too. This is a highly recommendable bassinet that supports newborns until 20 pounds or 27”. This bassinet can also be used for overnight sleeping.

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Nuna MIXX2 2018 vs MIXX 2019 vs MIXX NEXT 2020 – Comparison