What is the most expensive and fashionable pram?

If its hefty price tag isn’t an issue, the Silver Cross Balmoral is hands down, a must-have (or is it lust-have?) if you are keen on getting the most expensive and fashionable pram on the market.

This pushchair comes at a ridiculous price tag. This cost, however, is justified by its eye-watering sense of royalty and the priceless looks and attention that you get as your stroll around your neighborhood and in the local park.

Silver Cross Balmoral Pram
Silver Cross Balmoral Pram

Besides paying for its sophisticated features that make other high-end strollers jealous, I believe a good portion of this price tag also goes to the brand name itself- Silver Cross. For the uninitiated, Silver Cross is a premier British manufacturer with a royal heritage: a royal warrant that it received in the 20th century. (more…)

Joovy Qool – Expandable Stroller For Parents Who Plan On Having Big Family

Lots of baby stroller brands have in their offer convertible and expandable strollers which are perfect option for parents who plan on having more than one child. Thanks to huge versatility and multi-functionality, expandable strollers are getting more and more popular. No wonder, when the second (or third) baby comes into the world, you don’t have to buy another stroller, you just need add another seat and there will still be enough room for all of your kids.

Joovy Qool
Joovy Qool – expandable stroller that can accommodate even three kids at a time

Joovy Qool is a new expandable stroller from the famous U.S. company. It offers up to 56 ways of customization to adjust to every family need and kids’ changing preferences.


How To Pick A Christmas Gift For Infant And Toddler

Christmas Baby Gift Ideas
No matter if you’re looking for a gift for your baby, your grandson or your friend’s child, choosing the best one may be quiet difficult. If you have been to a shop with baby products or tried to find something in online store, you probably already know that the choice is vast. There are plenty of different toys, cute clothes and accessories (that are rather for parents than babies). Some of them are really popular or advertised in television, however it doesn’t mean they are the best or that you should choose them.

I prepared this buying guide and list of Christmas gift ideas for babies to show you how to find proper gift for children at different ages. Something that will be useful and will serve the baby for longer time.


5 ways to get through colic

Statistically speaking every second child has colic. It usually lasts from first to third month, sometimes a little bit longer. It appears mostly in the evening. The baby cries a lot during the day for a long time and it gets even worse in the evening. At the beginning parents can be confused and feel helpless when they fail to calm down the baby.


Eight weirdest pregnancy myths

Pregnancy myths

Pregnancy is a period when the excitement mixes with a fear and the future mom is getting dozens of advices from her friends, family members and doctors. This huge amount of information makes pregnant woman to lose sight of what is true and what is just unreasonable superstition. Here I present you 8 weirdest pregnancy myths that future moms shouldn’t believe!


How to get back into shape after having a baby?

Many women are dissatisfied with their body after a childbirth. Usually during pregnancy women gain 15 to 30 lbs, their abdominal muscles lose strength and their skin is less elastic.

New moms often ask how to get their body back after pregnancy. There are few ways to lose extra pounds. The most important thing is to listen to our body and not to overload it.

First of all, new moms should know that breastfeeding helps losing weight. Besides during first six months after birth mother’s body is actually helping in weight loss. After that women have to start a physical activity or a diet to lose more pounds.

Going for walks with the baby is one way of exercising and losing weight. If you want to go out with your child you need a stroller for that, which will provide you and your baby with a safe and comfy ride. The stroller should be easy to use and convenient to push. Very useful feature is an adjustable handlebar (essential for very tall or short parents). Your baby should lie comfortably in a bassinet or sit in a toddler seat with 5-point harness.

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System with infant car seat
Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System with SafeMax infant car seat