Pregnancy myths

Pregnancy is a period when the excitement mixes with a fear and the future mom is getting dozens of advices from her friends, family members and doctors. This huge amount of information makes pregnant woman to lose sight of what is true and what is just unreasonable superstition. Here I present you 8 weirdest pregnancy myths that future moms shouldn’t believe!

Sex during pregnancy might hurt the baby

Sex during pregnancy is very often a taboo subject, mainly because of the superstition surrounding it. Many pregnant women have heard or read somewhere that intercourse during pregnancy might be harmful for the baby. It’s just a myth! Unless your pregnancy is not at risk, your child is totally safe even when you’re having sex. Moreover, many doctors even advice pregnant women to have sex! Although you may feel less attractive with rounded belly or have greater appetite for sweets than sex, you should remember that intercourse during pregnancy won’t hurt the baby.

First baby is always overdue

Are you pregnant for the first time are hear from other people that you will certainly deliver after the due date? This is another pregnancy myth and has absolutely no scientific basis and it is only a rumor passed from one woman to another! Your child will come into the World when it’s time for it, no matter if it’s your first or third baby 🙂

Higher belly means it’s a girl

Women love to guess baby’s sex just by looking at the shape and size of belly. Carrying high means it’s a girl, carrying low – definitely a boy, more peaked belly – you’re having a girl, symmetrical belly – it’s a boy etc. etc. This weird methods to predict baby’s sex are just like lucky guessing. Don’t believe in those superstitions! In fact, the shape and size of pregnant belly depends on the position of the fetus, your body posture, the amount of muscles and fat that you have on your belly. If you want to know if you’re having a girl or boy and be sure about it – go to your gynecologist to do a ultrasound examination.

Spicy meals can induce the labor

Some woman who’s due date just passed, try different and weird methods to induce the labor. One of these methods is eating spicy meals. However, there are no scientific basis saying that chili, pepper or curry may speed up your labor! Although there’s one thing you’re can be sure about: after eating those spicy meals you will have heartburn!

Pregnant woman can’t raise their hands above head

This sounds ridiculous, am I right? Where this myth even come from?! Some people think that when pregnant woman raises her hands above her head (for example during hanging laundry) the umbilical cord will twist around baby’s neck – therefore they shouldn’t lift their arm! However, you should worry about this superstition, it has nothing to do with reality!

Greater appetite for sweets – you’re having a girl

There are plenty of superstitions that say a lot about pregnant woman food cravings and child’s sex. Many people say that when woman has greater appetite for sweets, she’s carrying a girl. When she prefer salty meals – it’s a boy. However, this “theories” are not supported by any research and you shouldn’t believe them. In fact, your food craving during pregnancy are depends on your usual preferences and taste buds.

Storm can induce labor

There are some superstitions that a storm can induce labor even weeks before due date. However, the weather doesn’t influence your pregnancy and cannot speed up your labor!

Heartburn is caused by baby’s hair

This is one of the funniest and weirdest pregnancy superstitions. Many pregnant women is struggling with often heartburns, however it has nothing to do with baby’s hair! In fact, it is caused by the pressure of growing uterus on the stomach, hormonal fluctuations in future mom’s body and gastric juices passing to the esophagus. Baby is not tickling your stomach with its hair, it is just normal human physiology.

Pregnancy superstitions

From time to time, even the most rational mom believes a little bit in some of the pregnancy superstitions. Remember to treat them no too seriously, because they have no scientific basis. However, they can be really entertaining and some of them will definitely lake you laugh.

Do you know more weird and funny pregnancy myths? Let me know in comments!

Eight weirdest pregnancy myths