If its hefty price tag isn’t an issue, the Silver Cross Balmoral is hands down, a must-have (or is it lust-have?) if you are keen on getting the most expensive and fashionable pram on the market.

This pushchair comes at a ridiculous price tag. This cost, however, is justified by its eye-watering sense of royalty and the priceless looks and attention that you get as your stroll around your neighborhood and in the local park.

Silver Cross Balmoral Pram
Silver Cross Balmoral Pram

Besides paying for its sophisticated features that make other high-end strollers jealous, I believe a good portion of this price tag also goes to the brand name itself- Silver Cross. For the uninitiated, Silver Cross is a premier British manufacturer with a royal heritage: a royal warrant that it received in the 20th century.

This pram has been used by almost all UK’s royal tots including Queen Elizabeth II (who was the first, by the way) and who later cared for Prince Charles and Prince Andrew in the same carriage around Balmoral Castle years later. Mind you, this is where it earned its name.

First forward, Duchess Kate and Prince William followed the royal tradition and picked the exact wheels for Prince George in 2013 and went ahead to use the buggy for Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis in 2018.

This begs the question, ‘‘what gives this pram its royal distinction?’’ That’s what I’ll be helping you find out in a couple of minutes.

Silver Cross Balmoral Pram - Most Expensive and Fashionable stroller
With this fancy and royal look, you can be sure you’ll get tons of compliments!

Aptly nicknamed the Rolls-Royce of prams, the Balmoral is all about prestige and style. This stroller exudes the iconic traditional British engineering that has been rolled over since it debuted in 1877. However, it has undergone a few design improvements over the years to give it a modern-day appeal.

The Silver Cross Balmoral is skillfully handcrafted in Yorkshire and has exterior measurements of 133cm (length) by 59 (width) by 125cm (height). Weighing a whopping 37kgs/81.571 pounds, I can’t deny that this stroller is on the heavier side. But this weight is a clear indication and a constant reminder of the quality of construction materials used for it.

I find it very hard to pinpoint a single standout feature of this buggy because, well, a stroller that is marketed to royal and rich celebrity kids is bound to make your eyes pop out on literally all fronts.

The ultra-luxurious Balmoral features 4 large chrome spoked wheels and white tires that roll breezily and with optimum agility on varying terrains.

The wheel system connects and supports the carrier via a patented polished chrome c-spring chassis. This suspension acts as a shock-absorber and eliminates even the minutest bumps to offer the rider peerlessly smooth strolls each time.

It’s in the baby net that all the magic happens though!

Silver Cross Balmoral Pram - Luxurious cotton lining
Silver Cross Balmoral Pram features luxurious cotton lining

The interior of this stroller measures 85cm (length) by 36cm (width) by 18cm (height) and will comfortably hold your kids from birth up to their 3rd birthday. Its sides have a sumptuous cotton lining with eye-catching minute hand stitches that add to this carrier’s bling outlook.

Another component that is bound to impress you here is the deeply padded plush mattress with a soft white pique cover to complement its clean look.

Similar to the standard prams that most of us are used to, the Silver Cross Balmoral also has a strap system to keep your bundle of joy put when the strolls take unbeaten and gravel roads. The only difference, however, is that this one is made of pure leather and has a noticeable rich feeling and look to it.

There is also a reverse-folding hood and apron that will come in handy when your baby wants some protection from direct sunlight and when it’s time for a quick nap. This hood is crafted from hard wearing fabrics and gets a really good boost in terms of design from the hand stitches used on it and chrome plated tensioners that feature Yorkshire Rose detailing.

A huge basket that clips on and off beneath the seat is yet another great feature that I can’t fail to bring to your attention. As most of its previous users affirm, this basket is huge enough to hold several weeks’ shopping. This basically means that you won’t need to carry an additional shopping bag unless you really have to.

What else should you know about this pram?

One thing that I should mention here is that while the carrier is primed to offer the best comfort levels, the rider has to face backward at all times. In addition, there are no varying inclination options to play around with. This might be a drawback for kids who’d prefer a front view during the rides.

In addition, the Silver Cross Balmoral does not fold. Considering its enormous size, you’ll need palatial size hallways and significant storage space for it. This size coupled with its weight also suggests that it might be quite hectic to move it.

If you’ve made up your mind to get this ride, you might want to add the Balmoral bedding set, sun canopy, and storage cover to complete its look and performance.


  • A classic and luxurious design and look
  • Offers smooth rides thanks to its patented suspension system
  • The kid can take a nap or just sit in the carrier at home
  • A large clip-on basket eliminates the need for an additional shopping bag
  • Available in an array of colors; pink, black, brown, navy, white-navy, and white-black


  • Does not fold for storage
  • Super heavy

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Pictures belong to Silver Cross

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