Statistically speaking every second child has colic. It usually lasts from first to third month, sometimes a little bit longer. It appears mostly in the evening. The baby cries a lot during the day for a long time and it gets even worse in the evening. At the beginning parents can be confused and feel helpless when they fail to calm down the baby.

Are you also looking at your crying and screaming baby and you feel completely helpless? I want to offer a few ways to help you and your baby in those difficult times.

It good to know how to help a baby that has colic. What are the best ways to cope with colic?

1. Warm bath or warm compress

If your baby likes to take baths warm bath can be really helpful. Gently pour the warm water  on baby’s belly and do a gently massage. It can help to relax the gut and release the gases. It can also help to calm the baby. If your baby doesn’t like baths, you can put a warm compress on its belly. Be careful not to burn your baby. You can put your baby on one side in embryo position and place a water bottle with warm (not hot!) water next to its tummy. Your baby will feel safe and it this position and warm compress might help to get rid of gases.

2. Swinging

Rocking the baby might be soothing for it. When you swing the baby it calms down and might fall asleep easier. Rocking baby in arms may be miring after a while. Baby rocker or baby swing could be very helpful for comforting colic baby.

3. Gentle massage

You should try it about one hour before the start of a colic. You can massage baby’s belly through a warm cloth diaper or with a bottle of warm water. It’s better to not try massages right after feeding, baby might spit up or vomit.

4. Leg gymnastics

Try to gently bend baby’s legs towards the tummy and then straighten them. It will help to get rid of the gases also.

5. Fennel tea

It also helps to relax the gut and release the gases. If the gases are expelled from the digestive tract, the colic problems might pass.

6. Lying on stomach

One of the most effective methods of getting rid of excess gases from the intestines.

7. Pacifier

Sometimes it is the only way to calm down the baby. For some kids sucking is number #1 soother.

8. Go for a ride

Some kids calm down during riding in a car. There are new sounds and sights which might be soothing for the baby. The fresh air and rhythmic movement might even cause the baby to fall asleep.

9. Different diet for mommy

The baby might have colic because of something that mom eats and gives him with her milk.

5 ways to get through colic
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